EmploymentLink 2013: The Power of Inclusion

Thursday, 2 May 2013, Ed Roberts Campus, Berkeley CA 94703 | 9:00am - 4:00pm

Maximize performance and productivity of the evolving workforce through the inclusive work place.

We have been excited to witness the increased dialog about employment for those with disabilities, additionally, to see changes in hiring practices of major corporations.

However, less attention has been afforded to those already in employment. These employees may experience changes which can impact performances and productivities. Often long term, highly skilled workers are presented with the frightening prospect of divulging a great secret: that they feel they are no longer capable of doing what they could before  - Their Job!

And, it may be true, that alone, hiding their concerns, they are unable to face these problems. This is avoidable! With the support of employers and colleagues, available strategies and resources can be utilized to preclude these situations – thus allowing the employee to continue to be a valid member of staff.

– This is the Power of Inclusion!

Please join us at EmploymentLINK 2013 designed for the exploration and better understanding of these strategies and resources available to our communities as a whole. This will not be a job fair, but a forum for dialogue and learning through expert speakers, interactive training modules, and panel presentations.

Don’t miss this one-day opportunity to interact with employment and HR professionals. Hear from software developers working to make products accessible.  Also meet technology manufacturers and service providers who support the community. Most importantly, hear directly from working professionals with disabilities and learn how an inclusive work environment has impacted their lives.

Who should attend?

Employers, their representatives, HR professionals, management and staff of the Department of Rehabilitation, and all professionals with an interest in employment matters for people with disabilities.

Speakers include representatives from Intuit, Inc and My Blind Spot

Further details can be found at: http://adaptivetec.com/employmentlink-2013/

Hosted by:

Adaptive Technology Services

A leading provider of computer technology services for people who are blind and visually impaired. adaptivetec.com

Sterling Adaptives, LLC

Based in the North Bay, Sterling Adaptives supplies the most advanced Assistive Technology equipment and software currently available. SterlingAdaptives.com

In collaboration with:

  • Don Brown - ADA Compliance Specialist, City of Berkeley
  • Kate Williams – HR/Employment Specialist and Program Leader for the  Employment Immersion Program at the Lighthouse for the Blind.

EmploymentLINK was established in 2012 and is dedicated to issues surrounding employment and disability. Visit us on Facebook