In the 21st Century, the disability community expects, and often demands, equal access to virtual and physical public facilities. Today, people with disabilities have greater opportunity for independence and employment than ever before.

To ensure a fully inclusive and accessible global society, we must adhere to national and international mandates and create barrier-free environments for people of ALL abilities. Only through unrestricted physical and virtual access will we be able to enjoy the wealth of opportunities the world has to offer. In order to realize our fullest potential both personally and professionally, it is essential, as well as nonnegotiable, that we must have full access to all the tools available in order to promote our individual abilities thereby allowing each of us to unlock the limitless possibilities the world has to offer. After all, historically, the disability community has always had a lot to offer the world! To learn more about the ways disabled people have contributed to the world in meaningful ways, research the life histories of Einstein, Edison, FDR, Sir Richard Branson and many, many others.

My Blind Spot advocates for adherence to legislation aimed at eradicating ignorance and systemic discrimination unintentionally directed at the disability community. We believe that the disability community must tap into our strengths rather than passively accept being denied access because of antiquated perceptions about our ability. To that end, we have compiled a list of informative links with resources for education, employment, travel, recreation, entertainment and more. Feel free to contact us with your suggestions for additional resources that we might have missed by writing us at our contact form.