Dancing Dots founder Bill McCann joined faculty members from the music school of New York’s Lighthouse International this past weekend to give a workshop to teachers on how to integrate braille music and related technology from Dancing Dots into their education plans for blind music students.  A reporter from the New York Daily News visited the Lighthouse to learn more.

You can read her article and check out a brief video produced by her videographer at the link below.

Special note to screen reader users:

To play the related video accessible from the Daily News page linked below, find the text that says:  Braille Music Technology Pushes Blind Music Literacy Forward

And press down arrow.  You will find a button that may be labeled as:

“Unlabeled 8”

When you highlight that button, try pressing the ENTER key to start the video playing.  You may first hear a brief commercial announcement.

Read the New York Daily News article “New computer programs Goodfeel and Lime Lighter help blind read, write music”.