November 5th at 2:30 pm

Dirksen Senate Office Building, Room SD-419

You can RSVP for the hearing here!  This will help us ensure enough room capacity for all advocates!


The Marathon is almost over: the end is in sight!

NOW is the time to have our voices be heard! 


Chairman Menendez has scheduled the first of two Hearings on the CRPD on Nov 5th!

Senators Menendez and Corker and our target senators on the Foreign Relations Committee need to hear from everyone; they are logging all call and contacts made state by state. Our floor time depends on them hearing from you!  It is time for action NOW!

Visit our new citizen action portal,www.disabilitytreaty.orgto contact our target Senators on the Foreign Relations Committee that need to hear from you!

Click the "We Support CRPD" icon above!  Share it everywhere!  Post it on your website, Facebook, and Twitter!  They need to hear from our movement now or we will not succeed.

Let them hear you now so that when Medicaid, Education and other issues come to the Hill they once again know the power of the disability movement!

It is time to show the Foreign Relations Committee the loud and diverse community supporting the treaty: disability, veterans, civil rights, faith, businesses, families and people with disabilities-everyone has a role in this fight.

Invite your lists of friends and colleagues so we can show the Foreign Relations Committee that the community is behind this treaty!

Join us in sending a message to the Foreign Relations Committee that we are watching them!  Thank you for your help!