My Blind Spot’s work with QuickBooks is reviewed in the May issue

of AFB’s AccessWorld Magazine. In his article entitled “An Introduction to Accessible QuickBooks by Intuit and and My Blind Spot,” Aaron Preece writes:

Recently, My Blind Spot, Inc., has been working closely with Intuit, the makers of the popular QuickBooks accounting software for small businesses, to make the program accessible to people with vision loss and other print disabilities. In the past, screen reader users could use the software with version-dependent work-arounds. With recent versions, the program became unmanageable with a screen reader.

Albert Rizzi, founder of My Blind Spot, began working with Intuit to bring accessibility to QuickBooks. My Blind Spot and Intuit have made amazing strides in QuickBooks accessibility through a blend of accessibility fixes applied directly to QuickBooks code as well as screen-reader specific scripts developed by John Martyn and Steven Clark…. Read more here.