Ever since 2017 or so I’ve been noticing a huge increase in accessibility. A few examples that are coming to mind are, well, all about blindness accessibility, partly because I am, indeed, totally blind now. A few of these are, EA developing their own accessibility portal so gamers with disabilities can know what game has what accessibility feature, as well as, how to access it, Slack suddenly caring about accessibility all of a sudden when before it was a kind of “that’s a neat idea LOL” sentiment I’ve been hearing from them, and, Discord finally starts taking accessibility seriously.

With all these advances though, obviously there’s going to be some growing pains. I’d like to demonstrate that today. I know I’m just one user out of many, but I think this kind of growing pain is something to seriously consider, especially when you publicly talk about how accessible you are.

I was having a small issue with Microsoft Office Word that I didn’t notice before. Actually, maybe it has always been there, and I’ve just never realized it, but I was writing a piece of fiction and every time a sentence started with a quote, the first letter of the sentence wasn’t capitalized. Like this.

“john didn’t know what to do, so I guess that’s why he took the money.”

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