Join Albert Rizzi, United States Surgeon General Dr. Jerome Adams, and many other notable speakers for the TEDxMidAtlantic “Unbreakable” event in Washington, DC on March 29 and 30.

Overcoming a life-threatening illness is liberating. But then waking up from such a trauma totally blind can leave anyone feeling broken. Thirteen years ago, Albert Rizzi lost his sight but not his vision for all things possible. Today, he tirelessly advocates for authentic inclusion for nearly 62 million Americans with a disability.

Draw strength from Albert’s personal story about how he turned tragedy into triumph and the immense power of seeing himself as unbreakable. He will share his insights into his new way of seeing and his life’s calling to remove those barriers to authentic inclusion and to advocate for our social and corporate cultures to include Ability as a celebrated diversity group.

What does it mean to be unbreakable? We live in a world being put to the test, and seemingly on the brink. How can we make our systems, structures, and institutions stronger? How can we make things less fragile, and simpler — or manage complexity and increase resilience?

When we face challenges, do we stand rigid against the wind — or are we energized, like a turbine? We’ll explore the promising ideas that can help us turn adversity into strength and help make our civic systems and shared culture become UNBREAKABLE!

Join us at the next TEDxMidAtlantic event “Unbreakable” on March 29 and 30!

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