An Audible Crosswalk at the intersection of Station Road and Brookhaven Avenue petitioned for collectively by the Brookhaven community including our own Albert J. Rizzi was celebrated On October 12, 2012. The organizations that attended included AMVETS, representatives from the Suffolk Independent Living Offices )SILO), as well as local officials and advocates for the disabled. Albert would like to thank Frank Krotschinsky, Director for the Suffolk County Office of the Disabled, who became concerned about the intersection due to Albert’s own concerns.

Albert learned that other visually impaired individuals were having difficulty safely crossing this busy intersection and Mr. Krotschinsky was able to successfully provide an opportunity for all of those who are visually impaired to independently managed this complex intersection. This independence is of great importance to My Blind Spot’s goals and mission. The audible intersection would not have been possible without the support of SC Legislator Kate Browning, Brookhaven Town Supervisor Kathy Walsh, and Town Board Member Connie Kepert

Additionally, Town of Brookhaven Traffic Safety Director Brian Lenz worked with many of the groups invested in the project to assist with the installation. Audible crosswalks benefit more than just the blind. Seniors that need more time to cross this intersection as well as moms that are navigating intersections with baby carriages and children in tow can benefit from the update.

When installed at intersections, Audible Crosswalks grant the visually impaired people to proceed safely after they receive an audible prompt. This allows the visually impaired to travel the streets more safely granting greater independence and opportunity.

AMVETS, SILO, and Helen Keller Services for the Blind have a program to increase awareness concerning the need for more Audible Crosswalks. Mr. Rizzi would like to thank them for their support.