Drivers, Start Your Engines… Are They on Yet?

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A post on entitled The Silent Killer details a push to make hybrids louder. The cars are often so silent that pedestrians do not hear them coming. As the article notes, the Pedestrian Safety Act of 2010 requires the National Highway Traffic and Safety Administration to initiate a rule for minimal vehicle noise detailing

Audible Crosswalk Installed at Station Road and Brookhaven Avenue

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An Audible Crosswalk at the intersection of Station Road and Brookhaven Avenue petitioned for collectively by the Brookhaven community including our own Albert J. Rizzi was celebrated On October 12, 2012. The organizations that attended included AMVETS, representatives from the Suffolk Independent Living Offices )SILO), as well as local officials and advocates for the disabled.

DC Metro Lacks Safety Tiles for the Blind

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According to the article in the Examiner, at least three visually impaired riders have been killed, and nine others injured by falling from Metro platforms that lacked bumpy tiles since the Americans with Disabilities Act called for their installation. The article One-fourth of Metro platforms lack bumpy tiles for the blind brings to light the

44 States Recognize Blind Awareness Month

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October is Blind Awareness Month as initiated in 2009 by The Little Rock Foundation in 2009 in the State of New Jersey. Unfortunately, New York is not among the 44 states that recognize the event. Find out more at

Cinemark to Install Audio Description Equipment Nationwide

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Lainey Feingold of the Law Office of Lainey Feingold sent an email today spreading the news that Cinemark announced that it is installing audio description equipment on a rolling basis in its theaters across the United States. Installation is already well under way, and all of Cinemark's theaters in California already offer audio description (also referred to

EVENT: Skiers, on your marks!

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Maine Adaptive Sports and Recreation, a non profit organization is hosting New England's Blind /Visually Impaired Alpine Ski Festival Week Feb. 10 - 14, 2013. This second annual NEVI Festival held at Sugarloaf Mountain Resort in Carrabasset Valley, Maine, is a national event designed to create a unique social, recreational and educational experience for skiers

California Governor Signs Driverless Car Bill

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Gov. Jerry Brown signed legislation this week that will allow Google Inc.'s robot cars (driverless cars) to be tested on public roads. Google co-founder Sergey Brin said "I think the self-driving car can really dramatically improve the quality of life for everyone". Though he has placed in races, Albert can't agree more! Read more at

Facebook Launches Issue Report Page

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Facebook has launched a page that allows anyone using assistive technologies to report issues they are having with the site and its applications. Users can also make feature requests by using this page. Visit and be as specific as possible about what you tried to do and the issue you encountered. Thanks to Pratik

Blind Mice Given Sight

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According to a report by Jeanna Smialek on August 14, 2012, blind mice were able to see after a device cracked the signalling code used by the retina. Sheila Nirenberg a neuroscientist at Weill Cornell Medical College said it may be adopted for human use within a year or two. The article also noted that