When it comes to employment, we failed to live up to the promise of the Americans with Disabilities Act

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In response to The New York Times op-ed, My Blind Spot's Albert J. Rizzi says Ted Kennedy Jr.'s recommendations for true inclusion need to include digital equity in the 21st century workforce. On December 27th, former Connecticut State Senator and board member of the American Association of People with Disabilities, Ted Kennedy Jr. wrote an

Separate But Equal? Continued Failure of Equitable Access in the 21st Century

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By Albert J. Rizzi, M.Ed. Regardless of circumstance, everyone should be able to use an organization’s main entrance. When the Civil Rights Act closed the door on the concept of “servants’” entrances and separate accommodations for African Americans and other minorities, it opened doors to people of all abilities and walks of life to rise

MBS Statement on Aira, Intuit, and Two Blind Brothers!

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My Blind Spot is happy to see our partners coming together for professional gains and advancements of the blind and print disabled communities My Blind Spot works with Aira on creating inclusive digital platforms, has partnered with Intuit for the past 7 years improving the usability of QuickBooks and is forging a budding partnership with

Mitigation vs. Litigation: Embracing Digital Inclusion

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I just finished reading an article titled “ADA Suits Increasingly Target Websites” by Ally Marotti, with the Chicago Tribune. Ally writes about 3 different lawsuits leveled against nationally recognized retailers. For what you say? For discriminating against people with brains, financial means, and a laptop or mobile app to use when we shop, bank, work… people that, oh yeah, just happen to have a disability.

A Note to a Fellow Disability Advocate

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I am sharing a note in response to a request for my participation in a survey about people with disabilities in the workforce. Unfortunately, the survey was not all that accessible, usable or inclusive. Even the most well-intentioned advocacy groups and individuals promoting inclusion, seem to turn a blind eye or a deaf ear to